Saturday, 24 January 2009

recommending anime

meow meow asked me to recommend her some anime during our kopi session tonight.

she is in the middle of changing jobs and has another week's break before hitting the new job in feb.

at that exact moment, i don't know whether it's because i was brain-dead, or was it really difficult to recommend anime i think might interest her.

as many of you know, i watch almost anything and everything though i tend to stay away from female harem series now.

and while i can take most romance genre, even then, i can't stomach series like clannad or DC or white album.

i'm more into rom-com (romantic comedies), love most slice-of-life, fantasy, sci-fi, and have an obvious fetish for mecha and vampire series. not forgetting my BL and male harem which i've been watching alot for the past few years.

well, after coming back and reading through, here's a list of wat meow meow can try taking a look at.

1) Hyakko (absolute fun, no brainer)
2) Ga-Rei Zero (fantastic story, great fighting scenes)
3) Kannagi (another no brainer)
4) Soul Eater (great plot, shinigami fighting)
5) Toradora (rom-com)
6) Antique Bakery (for the BL lover)
7) Over Drive (cycling, sports)
8) Macross Frontier (great music)
9) Gurren Lagaan (mecha, fantastic show)

if you have time for long series

1) ARIA series (Aria the Animation, Aria the Natural, Aria the OVA, Aria the Origination)
2) Kyou Kara Maou (S1&2: 78 episodes, S3: finishing soon at 39 episodes)
3) Code Geass (for the drama-mama's)
4) Honey & Clover (did u watch this? or was this moo moo?)

hope something will interest you from so many series.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

state of my walls

how my room, or basically, how my walls, has evolved over the last 4 years since i came back from tassie.

Year 2005

my walls were full of posters, the curtains were drawstring type which accumulated lots of dust and were impossible to clean.

i was also sharing room with my sister so the room seemed so much more smaller, with her mattress on the floor and the extra fan and something else i can't remember beside my table.

fast-forward 3 years later...

Year 2008

in between the 3 years, i managed to,
1) get my room back (i.e. my sis also finally got her own room)
2) got a new bed and mattress, together with new chest of drawers
3) changed my laptop from a toshiba to my current Sony Vaio-C.
4) changed my curtains to easy-to-wash cloth ones.
5) repainted my walls

i was intending to blue-tack up all my posters again after the repainting, but you know how procrastination totally messes up your most well-thought plans?


anyway, i kinda like my walls empty now.

fast-forward another year...

Year 2009, 1 week before CNY

and in less than 1 year, i've done another revamp,
1) gotten rid of both of the wall shelves that you saw in the previous 2 photos
2) replaced it with my pride and joy IKEA cupboard holding my gashapons, figurines and manga
3) replaced my old and quite possibly very dirty table with another IKEA product.

and just last week, i've repainted the slab of wall behind my bed a glorious purple.

the whole point of this entire post is really just to show my pretty new feature wall, which is a rich HARMONIOUS PURPLE color.

it was really just to cover the ugly drill marks holes that were still left behind from the wall shelves that were taken down in oct.

yes, it has been that long. i told you procrastination messes you up.

anyway, cos papa didn't have any of the wall paint left from previously, it was either blue-tacking up some posters to cover the holes, or buy wallpaper, or buy paint.

so painting it was. plus, i've always wanted to do a feature wall.

i painted 75% of it myself, so i did feel quite accomplished. mama bought everyone new curtains for CNY, so i have new purple curtains to go along with my new wall too.


so let me side-track alittle here...

the SELF FIX shop @ JP has the coolest machine.

did you know that paint colors don't just come in tins now? when i was at the counter choosing colors, i had my doubts on whether they had the color i chose from the color palette. cos the counter looks really small and doesn't seem like it has much stock of anything much.

so when i told the person my decision, he just asked me for the color code, took a tin of white paint, keyed the color code into the computer and place the tin at the dispensary area.

and just like coffee coming out of a coffee machine, the machine dispensed the correct amount of primary colors to give me my harmonious purple.

in the tin goes into another machine that vigorously shakes the tin to mix the paint contents.

! ! !

i was like,


is it just me? or does everyone know this already?"

now you don't have to worry about the paint shop not having the color you want.

that's pretty neat stuff.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Winter 2008

comparing to last winter where i only picked up 4 series, the current winter season looks so much more promising.

1) Shikabane Hime Kuro

direct sequel to the previous Shikabane Hime, one wonders why they even need to give a new last name to it.

initially, it had all the makings of a great series. somewhere, somehow, it wandered off into the land of boredom. i got through the 1st season, i'm just not sure if i can stay through the 2nd one. give me another couple of episodes to decide.

2) Maria Holic

psuedo-yuri romantic comedy. male-phobia girl enrolls in an all girls school only to find out that the "love-of-her-life" is a cross-dressing younger boy.

unlike most cross-dressing anime, the cross-dresser here is actually the one in control. that's already a freshing take from the usual. hopefully, lots of laughter ahead.

3) Zoku Natsume Yuujin-Chou

Natsume is back to free more spirits from his grandma's Book of Friends. and to gather more tears and heart-warming moments from everybody else. one of the best slice-of-life series i've watched. =)

4) Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo

space colonies, girls with mechas, artifical intelligence.

does anyone think it's similar to Vandread yet? the only interesting thing that made me continue watching this, was when Fukuyama Jun's voice came out as the AI of an abandoned colony.

i'm sure it perked the interest of most 1st episode viewers too, since most of us are more familiar with putting Fukuyama with a face, compared to a machine.


ballerina girl gives up ballet after hurting her ankle, but finds new inspiration in life after getting involved with the latest mecha craze in her university, called Ridebacks.

think mini-transformers on wheels, only cooler.

talk about girls with mechas. this had me way excited even after watching the trailers. the animation for this series is fantastically beautiful. add that to loads of heart-pumping racing scenes and load of politics (obviously), and you have yourselves a winning combi.

6) Chrome Shelled Regios

koyasu-sama, koyasu-sama, koyasu-sama.
that's my main draw to the series. plot-wise, there's nothing much out of the ordinary.

emo male lead (who obviously knows how to fight) hides as a normal course student instead of going to the battle course.
he gets found out (of course) after saving a girl on his 1st day at school.
he is then promptly transferred to a platoon which is ("surprise surprise") one man short.
continue on as he and platoon mates defends their city from gigantic bugs.

it's really not all that interesting, but hopefully, the animation quality will be able to make up for the rest. as long as there's no drop in quality that is.


so that's the 6 new titles i'll be picking up. i did watch Kurokami and Akikan!, but nothing good enough to spark my interest.
Kurokami was because I couldn't stand the male lead.
Akikan! was just plain stupid. ultimately ridiculous. i can't believe Fukuyama Jun even voiced the male lead.

anyway, i still have my hands quite full with the other series from Fall 2008. the whole Christmas season, WII parties and going out almost every other night had me backlogging many of my series.

i haven't touched G00 since ep9 and i'm dying to know what is happening.

i need to run an anime marathon soon.

thankfully, CNY is just around the corner.

Sunday, 11 January 2009


had a hard time deciding what to put up.

i was gonna put up another funny Usopp clip, but Sogeking won me over with his ultra-funny song.

i'll post the other clip in future.

anyway, that's the end of my One Piece withdrawal.

for now.

One Piece is back in its regular sunday slot after a week's break.

i can't wait to get my OP dose.


Saturday, 10 January 2009


the song that was the core of the Rumbar Pirates.

Binks' Sake.

i shall be posting the last One Piece post for the week tomorrow.

Friday, 9 January 2009


Hero of Justice!

His weapon is his cuteness!


His special attack, Kyuun Spark, causes any enemy to pass out!



Thursday, 8 January 2009

仁義ない TIME

part 4 of the Mugiwara Theater that ran after the end of episode 282.

wanted to upload Chopperman instead, but this is just too funny.

even if the joke was on Sanji.

Luffione: Sanjino, a man like you without your hair all back has no reason to be the boss.

Sanjino: I did have a reason, and I did put one side back!

Luffione: "Only half?! Does that mean you only have half your balls too?!"


Chopperman in the next post.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

One Piece Soccer King Special!

not cos it's soccer per say, since everyone knows how much i actually hate soccer.

i'm just suffering from slight One Piece withdrawal, since there was no new episodes of OP this week.

so instead, i'm scouting around youtube, looking for short OP clips.

my favorite cos sanji is all so drool-worthy here.


will be posting 1 short clip a day this week.


Tuesday, 6 January 2009

2008 Top-Selling Manga

news from ANN,

the Top 10 best-selling manga by series in japan are,

01) One Piece (5,956,540 copies)
02) Naruto
03) 20th Century Boys
04) Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
05) Bleach
06) NANA
07) Soul Eater
08) Nodame Cantabile
09) Rookies
10) Gintama

as for the Top 10 best-selling manga by volume in japan,

01) One Piece #50 (1,678,208 copies)
02) One Piece #51 (1,646,978 copies)
03) NANA #19
04) One Piece #49 (1,544,000 copies)
05) NANA #20
06) Nodame Cantabile #20
07) Nodame Cantabile #21
08) Naruto #43
09) Naruto #42
10) Fullmetal Alchemist #19

somehow, i'm surprised that Nodame and Nana got into Top10 for both lists.


maybe i shouldn't be surprised, since both series had anime and live-action adaptations that were immensely popular.

but all in all,




Monday, 5 January 2009

2008 Anime round-up

thinking of a creative way to start my 1st post of the year.

though i am tempted to do it like the other anime blogs i read, by doing up "Best-of-2008", i realized i can never choose an ultimate favorite.

so instead, i decided to list down all the anime series i've followed through for the entire 2008.

Winter 2007 (jan-mar 2008)
01) Ah! Megami-sama! Tatakau Tsubasa
03) Hatenkou Yuugi
04) PERSONA -trinity soul-
05) Spice & Wolf

Spring 2008 (apr-jun 2008)
06) Allison & Lillia
07) Amatsuki
08) Bus Gamer
09) CODE GEASS Hangyaku no Lelouch R2
10) Junjou Romantica
11) Kyou Kara Maou! 3rd Season (on-going)
12) Macross Frontier
13) Nabari no Ou
14) Neo Angelique Abyss
15) Special A
16) SOUL EATER (on-going)
17) Toshokan Sensou
18) Vampire Knight
19) Wagaya no Oinarisama
20) xxxHOLic Kei

Summer 2008 (jul-sep 2008)
21) Antique Bakery~
22) Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto ~Natsu no Sora~
23) Natsume Yuujin-chou
24) Neo Angelique Abyss -Second Age-
25) Xam'd: Lost Memories (on-going)
26) Zero no Tsukaima ~Princesses no Rondo~

Fall 2008 (oct-dec 2008)
27) Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka
28) ef - a tale of melodies
29) GA-REI -zero-
30) Gundam 00 S2 (on-going)
31) Hakushaku to Yousei
32) Hyakko
33) Junjou Romantica S2
34) Kannagi
35) Kuroshitsuji (on-going)
36) Kurozuka
37) Mouryou no Hako
38) Nodame Cantabile Paris
39) Shikabane Hime Aka
40) Skip Beat! (on-going)
41) Tales of the Abyss (on-going)
42) Tentai Senshi Sunred (on-going)
43) To Aru Majutsu no Index (on-going)
44) Toradora! (on-going)
45) Vampire Knight Guilty
46) Yozakura Quartet

let's not forget those that have been on-going since forever,
47) Bleach
48) Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn
49) One Piece


it's only after listing down that it dawned on me how much anime i watch in 2008.


i'm 1 series short of hitting 50.
OVAs and movies not included.

2008 has been pretty good to me.

so, here's to a fruitful 2009!


Winter 2008 coming up soon.