Monday, 30 November 2009

Hetalia Ep 44

Episode 44: self-defence lesson

the last part with Canada and America is so funny. poor Canada.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

OP Locations Strong World

in the midst of the overwhelming crowd at AFA on sunday afternoon, moo moo and i decided to go down to kallang to collect our gashapons.

the first of all the Strong World collection.

too bad it's not the full crew.
OP locations - strong world 02

they should have replaced the variants (Nami and Robin with color difference in clothes) with the other crew members.

in any case, i didn't get the variants. moo moo did though.

slightly more closed-up and brighter photo.
OP locations - strong world 01
at least you can see sanji's eyes more clearly in this.

next up, the very very expensive Strong World collection.

so exciting!

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Post AFA09

thoughts on AFA09...

things did get bigger and better this year.

more booths, more toys and definitely, more people.

loved the nendroids display brought in by Mr Danny Choo.

they managed to bring in more singers for the evening concerts, with the return of Aniki Ichirou Mizuki and May'n, together with Shoko-tan and Fukuyama Yoshiki.

the VIP passes were still disgustingly expensive though. i was contented just to see them from the distance.

quite pleased with the turnout of cosplayers, with much much more variety compared to last year. at least it wasn't an onslaught of bleach and naruto.

spotted lots more reborn and code geass cosplayers which is definitely a plus point.

and finally! a small group of One Piece cosplayers too.

but i think my personal favorite is this one girl who came as Kendappa-ō from RG Veda! she is very very pretty.

i'll upload photos once i get the final loot from moo moo.

Friday, 20 November 2009

Hetalia Ep 43

Episode 43: more of Russia's siblings

Monday, 16 November 2009

One Piece Special Movie-linked Episodes

ep426-429 are the special movie-linked episodes.

and to start us off, they decided to give us a brand new OP.
Kaze wo Sagashite by Mari Yaguchi.

i likie!!

definitely better than the previous one.

it's been too long since i saw the rest of the Strawhats together in action.

i miss all their antics.

and i miss Sanji.

(screencap from Kaizoku Fansub)

he looks so good in the episode!!!

Blackforest cake?

birdy's "elegant" blackforest cake.

just completed.
madam's black forest cake 01
you can pretty much guess why it's only half a cake. there's two layers of cake required in the blackforest.

it would be impossible to finish if it was really a full one. and poor makiyo (birdy's husband) would have to be the scapegoat if that happens.

moo moo's name on it, as blackforest is supposed to be her favorite.
madam's black forest cake 02
not sure if it's still her favorite now.

madam's black forest cake 03
as you can see (or rather not see), the middle part with the cherries and cream is almost squashed.

brighter and clearer photo (from meow meow)
blackforest cake 04
you basically can only see the squashed cherries.

you need more work birdy.

mada mada dane (copyright to Echizen Ryoma)

Friday, 13 November 2009

Strong World 2nd trailer

video update from 03/11/2009. now with english subs!!

awesome awesome awesome


i think i almost drooled when they came out in their black suits in 0:30.



Thursday, 12 November 2009

Hetalia Ep 42

Episode 42: introducing Russia's siblings

and Russia's version of the ED.


Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Tokyo DOGS

new series currently airing starring Mizushima Hiro and Oguri Shun as police officers with totally different personalities working together as partners.

how is it that Hiro always gets the more slapstick character in a dorama?

not that Tokyo Dogs is a very serious police dorama in the first place, cos it's meant to be half-comedy too.

Shun is also funny in his own way; usually when his mom calls him in the middle of his work, or when he tries to make puns with a straight face.

it is only up to Ep4 now, so for those who much prefer to marathon your doramas, best to wait til it finishes in Dec.

which means gives me more buffer time since i'm trying to watch Kyumei Byoto S4.

and start on 1 Pound Gospel.

since most of my current anime subs are released during the weekends and Mon, i can finish watching them, and still have time for one or two episodes of dorama each night.

not bad.

so aside from being sidetracked by a couple of other doramas, Atashinchi no Danshi and Otomen, that means i really might be able to finish at least 3/4 of the list i had back in July.


Thursday, 5 November 2009

Hetalia Ep 41

Episode 41: "i'm going to try taking away _____'s willpower!"

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Momoiro Island

spanish subs, but most fans would know what's happening anyway.

heaven to hell.

under 4 minutes.


Monday, 2 November 2009

OP Anime Heroes ~Arabasta Arc~

i actually like the characters in this arc better than the Fuyujima arc. then again, the Arabasta arc is my 2nd favorite arc, No.1 being the Skypiea arc.

anyway, had no space to put them in my cupboard yet. dad is still sourcing raw materials to build my stands. being a little greedy and asking for clear plastic stands now, instead of the white styrofoam ones he made the last time.

temporarily still keeping them in the box where they came from. in fact, i'm gonna keep the box and not throw it out like the previous ones. this one actually looks very pretty. will use it as a storage for all my gashapon-related stuff. it'll come in handy when i need to do any major moving anyway.

without further ado, presenting the Anime Heroes ~Arabasta Arc~

OP anime heroes arabasta 01
1st row (L->R), Mr.3 Galdino, Mr.2 Bon Clay, Mr.0 Crocodile, Miss All-Sunday Nico Robin, Mr.1 Daz Bones, Miss Wednesday Nefertari Vivi, Marine Ship
2nd row (L->R), Princess Vivi, Chopper, Usoppu, Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Nami, Ace
3rd row (L->R), Carue, Igaram, King Cobra, Chaka, Pell, Den Den Mushi, Monkey D. Dragon