Sunday, 28 March 2010

Nodame Finale

as i've been expecting all along, Chiaki's dad didn't appear at all in the Finale.

it did irked me as i've previously blogged about, but the last episode sort-of made up for not extending it to a 24-episodes series.

i thought it was very fitting that they ended with Mozart's Sonata for Two Pianos in D major, which Chiaki and Nodame performed in the very first episode in Season 1. thankfully, they did a totally different arrangement and not use the same one from before.

and yes, i'm still hoping for another season or at least an OVA. like i said, there is the Opera-hen side story that is currently under-going in KISS magazine, so not that they would have a lack of materials to work on.

for now, we can just wait for the second movie and the unaired episode that will be bundled with the first DVD that will be shipping out on Apr 7.

it's titled "Mine to Kiyora no Saikai" ("Mine and Kiyora's Reunion"). not sure whether it will follow the manga story, but at least it redeems pulling Kiyora out from the Finale series.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Winter wrap-up

so these two weeks would be all the wrap-ups of most Winter series, and some others from last Fall.

shows that i am hoping for a Season 2,
1) Kimi ni Todoke!! (come on! everyone wants to see them really together!)
2) Kobato (an OVA perhaps? since it's already an anime-original ending)
3) Nodame Cantabile!! (hey! they definitely should continue the Opera-hen side story)

i'm kinda excited for the upcoming Spring season, even though the number of shows that have sparked my interest have decreased significantly over the years.

either i'm becoming more picky, or the number of shows being released every season have decreased.


oh well, all the more reason for me to watching more dorama.


Sunday, 21 March 2010

show stealer

from Reborn Episode 176.

reborn #176 01

reborn #176 02
Mukuro's CV, Iida Toshinobu, sounds so so sexy.

reborn #176 03
confrontation with Byakuran!

Friday, 19 March 2010

OP Impel Down Submarine Prison

this thing is tall.

the Impel Down Submarine Prison.

front and back view
Photobucket Photobucket

Hetalia Ep 52

Episode 52: Canada makes a new friend?

MU-KYAA!!! Holy Roman Empire and Chibitalia!!!!

updated on 05/04/2010: last episode of Season 2. now that i think of it, it is befitting to have HRE and Chibitalia appear.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

a test of patience

that's what the Nodame movie is about.

because there's at least a 3-month wait before anyone in SG will get to watch the grand finale in the 2nd movie!

well, at least the 2nd movie is going to include the Kiyora violin competition. that'll make up for not seeing it in the anime finale. HA!

and, i could recognize at least one voice seiyuu, Fujita Yoshinori, that dubbed for one of the french oboe player in Marlet orchestra. incidentally, he is also the seiyuu for Masumi-chan in the Nodame anime.

Tamaki Hiroshi has also improved his "conducting" skills. it actually looks like he's really conducting a proper orchestra now instead of just flapping his hands around. mwahahaaha!

but me and lydia concluded that he lost a bit of weight since the last time he was in the special. he really needs to put it back on.


3 months.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Hetalia Ep 51

finally! the veoh video is loading!

here's to a fun-filled season 3!
updated on 05/04/2010: this is the second last episode of Season 2.

Episode 51: Italy is sick

the bulk of the video is focused on America and Japan though.
America-kun is really terrified of horror.

Monday, 15 March 2010

One Piece re-reads

i love re-reading manga.

as i'm quite a fast reader, i tend to not notice much details during the first read-through of any given manga.

so now that there's nothing much to catch up on, since most of the books are being published at near snail-rate, i finally have the time to do a proper re-read of the One Piece manga.

nevermind that i should be concentrating on reading my Sunday School MBA (Make Bible Alive, NOT Master of Business Administration) course literature instead.

i know. i'm a procrastinator and in self-denial.

i promise i'll try to start reading by at least next week. *cross fingers*

anyway, back to One Piece.

currently at vol 6, i'm fully enjoying the intro of Sanji and the Baratie history. and of course after that, comes the first real arc where Mr Arlong will come in.

hmm. maybe i need to supplement with watching the anime at the same time. shall have to think about that.

AND, i've only discovered this from reading the SBS in vol 6.

in terms of drawing, Odaachi is almost always 3 chapters ahead of the current chapter in Shonen JUMP!

that's damn fast!

is that a usual thing or is it the same with the other shonen mangakas?

in any case, i'm very impressed!

go Odacchi!! get the Epic arc over already!

we want back the Strawhats crew!

more importantly,

give me back SANJI!!



*change of tone*

on another note, i'm going to watch the Nodame film with the Hong sisters tomorrow night. that's provided Miss Ruth don't PS at the last minute.

she better not. i will most definitely scream at her if she does.

Friday, 12 March 2010

OP Anime Heroes ~Skypiea Arc~

as i've mentioned before, this is my favorite arc in the One Piece storyline.

presenting the Anime Heroes ~Skypiea Arc~

OP Skypiea 01
1st row (L->R), Gan Fall, Conis, Wiper, Karugara, Norla (snake), Montblanc Norland, Montblanc Cricket, Bellamy
2nd row (L->R), Pierre, Nami, Usoppu, Luffy, Sanji, Robin, Zoro, Chopper
3rd row (L->R), Shura, Gedatsu, Eneru, Ohm, Satori, Maxim

OP Skypiea 02
Strawhat Pirates.

Going Merry-go in a park

news from ANN:

"the Kumamoto Prefectural Assembly in southwestern Japan discussed a plan to erect a pirate ship from the One Piece anime series at a city park. A citizens' group has been pushing a plan to erect a replica of the manga's Going Merry (Merry Go in English) ship at Karashima Park in the prefectural capital of Kumamoto City — the birthplace of One Piece's creator, Eiichiro Oda."


but how cool that's gonna be!!!

pity it probably wouldn't be erected before our trip in Oct.

i'm still hoping for Laguna Theme Park to extend the One Piece Attraction to end of the year.

CLAMP combi

in case you haven't already known from the obvious change in the blog picture, and the even more obvious mentions throughout the blog,

i'm a huge CLAMP fan.

the ones who caught my eyes this time was Sumomo and Kotoko from Chobits.

so, it was time to get my less-than-desired photoshop skills to work again.

and no, i haven't gotten any better since the last time.

thankfully, this didn't need much editing except for some simple cropping.


Thursday, 11 March 2010

OP Obahan Time

another omake under the Mugiwara Theatre, the Obahan Time.

OP Obahan Time 01
(L->R), Chopamori, Robino, Sanjida, Zoroyama, Usokawa, Luffyzaki

aerial shot, to see the dishes on the table.
OP Obahan Time 06

Zoroyama & Sanjida
OP Obahan Time 07
as what ah gu said, the most okama-looking obahans.

Chopamori & Robino
OP Obahan Time 08
Robino's head is super heavy and always falls off the tatami.

Usokawa & Luffyzaki
OP Obahan Time 09
the best looking obahans of the lot. at least you know they look good in make-up. mwahahahaha.

Skypiea Anime Heroes up next~

One Piece Manga #57

and another record first week sales for Odacchi and Shueisha.

1.69 million copies.


as much as i'm happy about it, the current arc is getting a little out of hand that. so much so that i'm starting to dread it.

and i can't remember if there ever was a time when i wanted an OP arc to be over.

Odacchi need to wrap this up soon.


Wednesday, 10 March 2010

OP Mugiwara Theatre Time

been so busy over the weekend that i haven't had chance to unwrap all the gashapons i've picked up on friday. so instead of an all-in-one post, here's each of them separately.

Mugiwara Theatre Time



i didn't get the whole set, which includes Luffy, Nami, Zoro and Robin, but i couldn't resist this.


better view of his nose. haha.

another angle.

i hate to be unfaithful.

but i gotta say, Usopp looks cuter here!

i'm sorry Sanji!!

to make up for it, i promise to take lots of photos when this comes in July.
Sanji Strong World POP
KYAA!! Sanji Strong World POP!!!
this looks even better than the NEO Sanji.


Obahan Time coming up next~

Thursday, 4 March 2010

it's a good thing...

... that i'm not that into nendoroids as most other otakus.

it's also a good thing that Good Smile Company doesn't produce any One Piece or Bleach or Reborn nendoroids. i would definitely be unable to resist it.

just like how i was unable to resist this.

the Junjou Romantica Petit Nendoroids!


these will be mine to behold in Aug.

i should seriously consider getting some nendoroids when i go japan in Oct.


Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Nodame Cantabile The Final Score Part 1 Trailer

in anticipation of the movie opening next week.



think i'll go re-watch the special just to recap.


Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Yamanade Episode 7

Kame-chan definitely looks better in short hair.


he looks almost like Takuya in his Good Luck! drama. he just needs the pilot uniform.

allow me to swoon one more time.



ep7 is by far the best for now. lots of character developments has happened, and the most important is definitely Kyohei's feelings towards Sunako in this particular episode.

one of the cute scenes in ep7.

he looks good even in specs!

and for the record, i am totally convinced by Omasa Aya now. she's really brilliant in bringing Sunako to life.

apologies for my lousy pictures. i'm terrible at getting screencaps.

Roar Roar's Top 10 Bishojos (2010)

the ladies are out~~

Roar Roar's Top 10 Bishojos (2010)

01) Noda Megumi (Nodame Cantabile)
affectionately known as Nodame, i’ve been hooked since the very first episode. almost always associated with her trademark “MU-KYAAs!” and “GYA-BOs!”, you will love her for all her funny antics, just like Chiaki did.

Monday, 1 March 2010

selling at LiveJournal

not much there yet, but i'm using my LiveJournal page as a gateway to sell stuff.

besides extra gashapon items, both mine and ah gu's, i might occasionally put up some of the freebies from random JUMP magazines like Hana to Yume, LALA or Asuka.

and it's just easier to cross-post to the LJ communities where i lurk.

feel free to take a look around once in a while.